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Table 2 Indices correlated with capacitance

From: Characterization of skin function associated with obesity and specific correlation to local/systemic parameters in American women

  L/S Correlation efficiency p-value
TEWL L −0.437 <0.001
Average of Blood Flow L −0.388 <0.001
Roughness L −0.315 <0.01
Scaliness L −0.303 <0.01
SD of Blood Flow L −0.280 <0.05
Redness Score L −0.280 <0.05
Oxy-Hb L −0.268 <0.05
SC TNFα L −0.263 <0.05
Skin Tone L* L 0.230 <0.05
Total-Hb L −0.220 <0.05
  1. Correlation with capacitance was analyzed, and indices with significant correlation were listed in the table. Local indices (L) or systemic indices (S) were shown in L/S column. a* and L* are color property parameters.