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Table 1 Genes with significantly changed expression after simvastatin, FPP, and GGPP treatment of MiaPaCa-2 human pancreatic cancer cells

From: Isoprenoids responsible for protein prenylation modulate the biological effects of statins on pancreatic cancer cells

  Simva (S) FPP (F) Overlap (S) and (F) Simva + FPP GGPP Simva + GGPP (SG) Overlap (S) and (SG)
Upregulated genes (No.) 127 56 34 0 0 5 3
Downregulated genes (No.) 72 14 12 0 0 0 0
Differentially expressed genes (No.) 199 70 46 0 0 5 3
  1. Number of genes differentially transcribed between samples treated with simvastatin (12 μM), FPP (17 μM) or GGPP (17 μM) compared to control samples of untreated cells, as well as for each combination of simvastatin and an inhibitor. Only the transcripts with a minimally two-fold change in expression intensity and q < 0.05 were counted. See Fig. 2 and Additional file 1: Table S4 for more details
  2. Simva simvastatin, FPP farnesyl pyrophosphate, GGPP geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate