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Table 5 Evaluation of the relationships between Trans FA, GPx and inflammatory response parameters (IL-6, TNF-α and hs-CRP) in RBC and plasma

From: Correlation of trans fatty acids with the severity of coronary artery disease lesions

  GPx IL-6 TNF-α hs-CPR
Trans FA in plasma  
C 16:1 trans 11 ns r=0.28 ( p<0.05) ns ns
C18:1trans 9 ns r=0.55 (p<0.001) ns r=0.30 (p<0.001)
C20:1trans 11 r=0.22 (p<0.05) r=0.27 (p<0.05 ) ns ns
C18:2 trans 9,trans 12 ns ns r=0.30 (p=0.02) ns
C18:2 trans 10, cis 12 ns ns r=0.30 (p=0.03) ns
Trans FA in RBC  
C18:1 trans 9 ns r=0.46 (p<0.001) ns r=0.20 (p<0.05)
C20:1 trans 11 ns r=0.60 (p<0.001) ns r=0.35 (p<0.001)
C18: 2 trans 9 ns ns ns ns
∑Trans FA ns r=0.37 (p=0.004) ns ns
  1. r: spearman correlation. Significant differences between controls and CAD patients were observed as follows (p<0.05; p<0.001). ns: no significant