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Table 2 The association between tagger SNPs of SLC12A3 and LDL-C level by FBAT method

From: Genetic variants of SLC12A3 modulate serum lipid profiles in a group of Mongolian pedigree population

Markera Allele and frequencyb FBAT test statistics P P -e d
Allele Freq. Var (S) z c
Additive model
 rs2304478 G:A 0.14 134.08 −2.47 0.014
 rs5803 T:C 0.26 143.90 −2.06 0.039 0.022
 rs7204044 G:A 0.11 102.28 −1.99 0.047
 rs711746 G:A 0.45 197.57 2.22 0.027 0.039
Dominant model
 rs2304478 G:A 0.14 93.68 −2.07 0.038
 rs5803 T:C 0.26 84.56 −2.08 0.037 0.038
 rs711746 G:A 0.45 103.24 2.09 0.036 0.023
  1. Abbreviations: FBAT Family Based Association Test with the additive model, Freq. frequency of allele, Var (S) is a matrix, calculated under the null and used to standardize S
  2. aMarkers, which show significant association were demonstrated in this table; balleles detected in more than 10 informative families; and the lower frequency allele was used in following statistics calculation. cz-score calculated based on a biallelic marker model, positive z values and p < 0.05 indicated a high-risk haplotype; dpe, significance test by FBAT with empirical variance estimator option [−e], non-significant markers displayed with hyphen (−)