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Table 3 Haplotype-base association test between SNPs of SLC12A3 and LDL-C level

From: Genetic variants of SLC12A3 modulate serum lipid profiles in a group of Mongolian pedigree population

Haplotypesa Freq. HBAT teststatistics P P -permutation b Global P
Var(S) z    
 H1 C-A 0.40 133.45 0.70 0.482 0.486 0.028 c
 H2 C-G 0.38 134.59 1.81 0.071 0.069  
 H3 T-A 0.18 93.02 −2.94 0.003 c 0.003 c  
  1. Abbreviations: Freq. frequency of haplotypes, Var (S) is a matrix, calculated under the null hypothesis (g.e. no linkage and no association) and used to standardize S
  2. aHaplotypes, whose frequencies < 0.05 or number of informative families > 10, were excluded in table and in global p-value calculation; bp-permutation, whole haplotype permutation test (the default time is 10,000); cBold type denotes p < 0.05