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Table 1 Estimation of basic RNA-sequence expresion unit (FPKM) of δ-tocotrienol treated hepatitis C patients1

From: δ-Tocotrienol feeding modulates gene expression of EIF2, mTOR, protein ubiquitination through multiple-signaling pathways in chronic hepatitis C patients

# RNA-Seq expression unit Number of genes Genes based on 2-fold Genes based on 4-fold Genes based on 8-fold
1 FPKM > 1 12614 9480 5369 2136
2 FPKM > 2 7426 1366 696 527
3 FPKM > 5 3323 379 285 268
  1. 1The gene expression level and fold change (post-dose vs pre-dose) of FPKM were calculated at more than 1, 2, or 5 at 2-fold, 4-fold, and 8-fold after filtering million-fold up-regulation and down-regulation. The RNA-seq analyses data based on FPKM >1 and 8-fold change of 2136 genes (0 values were replaced with 0.001) of ratios of post-dose over pre-dose treatment of δ-tocotrienol to hepatitis C patients was submitted into “Ingenuity Pathway Analyses (IPA)” for core analysis (Ingenuity Systems, Redwood City, CA)