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Table 4 Lipid- and HbA1c-adjusted multivariable analysis of the risk of diabetes mellitus according to baseline LCAT activity

From: Impact of serum cholesterol esterification rates on the development of diabetes mellitus in a general population

  Number of subjects RR* 95%CI P Value
Women 929 2.67 0.47–15.41 0.27
Men 567 9.15 1.02–81.95 0.048
Total 1496 4.93 1.32–18.41 0.018
  1. *RR indicates a relative risk for diabetes mellitus in quartile 4 subjects as compared with quartile 1 subjects of LCAT activities, adjusted for HbA1c, TC, TG, HDL-C, phospholipids, and free fatty acids
  2. LCAT lecithin cholesterol acyltransferase, HbA1c glycosylated hemoglobin A1, TC total cholesterol, TG triglyceride, HDL-C high-density lipoprotein cholesterol