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Table 1 The single polymorphisms of APOA5 gene and the association with obesity and metabolic syndromes

From: New insights into apolipoprotein A5 in controlling lipoprotein metabolism in obesity and the metabolic syndrome patients

Gene SNP/position Association with diseases
APOA5 -1131 T > C CAD
Elevated plasma TG
Elevated LDL-TG
Decreased HDL-C
Elevated VLDL-C
Decreased LDL particle size
Elevated TG after fasting
Elevated postprandial TG
Elevated postprandial VLDL
Higher dense postprandial LDL
Elevated postprandial CRP
Elevated total cholesterol
Elevated BMI
Elevated fat intake
Lower obesity risk
c.1259 T > C Elevated plasma TG
Protective against obesity (alone)
c.56C > G Higher BMI, waist and hip circumference
Extreme obesity (carried with LPL m107)
Decreased HDL
c.3A > G Elevated metabolic syndrome risk
c.553G > T Elevated metabolic syndrome risk
c.724C > G Elevated plasma TG
IVS3 + 476G > A Elevated plasma TG
  1. CAD coronary artery disease, TG triglyceride, LDL low density lipoprotein, VLDL very low density lipoprotein, LDL-C low density lipoprotein cholesterol, CRP C-reactive protein, LPL lipoprotein lipase, SNP single nucleotide polymorphism, BMI body mass index