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Table 1 Data on body weight, food intake, fasting blood glucose, and blood lipid profile

From: Bitter melon (Momordica charantia) attenuates atherosclerosis in apo-E knock-out mice possibly through reducing triglyceride and anti-inflammation

  Control BM P value
Daily Food intake(g/w) 37.13±3.42 36.79±3.62 0.79(NS)
Body weight(g) pretrement 18.02±1.05 18.09±1.10 0.87 (NS)
Body weight(g) 32.73±1.43 30.95±1.23b 0.004
Fasting blood-glucose(mg/dl) 109.58±10.65 119.03±10.82 0.10 (NS)
TC(mg/dl) 1211.02±163.79 1281.16±123.93 0.35(NS)
TG(mg/dl) 60.73±15.62 41.04±11.72a 0.013
HDL (mg/dl) 52.78±5.25 50.60±14.32 0.69(NS)
LDL(mg/dl) 919.61±96.49 917.92±70.75 0.97(NS)
VLDL(mg/dl) 789.24±157.62 876.07±78.52 0.19(NS)
  1. Table1 TG as triglycerides, HDL as high-density lipoprotein, LDL as low-density lipoprotein and VLDL as very low-density lipoprotein. Values are expressed as mean±SD; n=8-12 per group; ap<0.05, bp<0.01; Control versus BM