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Table 1 Breakdown of costs per unit and work productivity losses (2016)

From: Treatment persistence and adherence and their consequences on patient outcomes of generic versus brand-name statins routinely used to treat high cholesterol levels in Spain: a retrospective cost-consequences analysis

Healthcare and non-healthcare resources Unit costs (€)
Medical visits
 Primary care medical visit 23.19
 Emergency medical visit 117.53
 Hospitalization (one day) 320.90
 Specialized care medical visita 92.00
Complementary tests
 Laboratory tests 22.30
 Conventional radiology 18.50
 Diagnostic/therapeutic testsb 37.12
Drug prescription RRPVAT
Work productivity — Indirect costs
 Cost per day not worked 101.21
  1. Source of healthcare resources: analytical accounting done by the authors and the INE. RRP: recommended retail price. Values are expressed in euros
  2. aOnly in respiratory medicine, cardiology, endocrinology and internal medicine departments
  3. bRelated to plasma lipid assessment