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Table 2 Composition of emulsion with excess sugar and fat in the four groups

From: Effects of fat-to-sugar ratio in excess dietary energy on lipid abnormalities: a 7-month prospective feeding study in adult cynomolgus monkeys

  HSHF (kcal/ml) HSLF (kcal/ml) LSHF (kcal/ml) LSLF (kcal/ml)
Excess sugar (sucrose) 1.55 1.55 0.77 0.77
Excess fat (lard) 3.60 1.80 3.60 1.80
Total caloric intake / ml 5.15 kcal/ml 3.35 kcal/ ml 4.37 kcal/ ml 2.57 kcal/ml
  1. HS/HF High-sugar/high-fat, HS/LF, High-sugar/low-fat, LS/HF Low-sugar/high-fat, LS/LF Low-sugar/low-fat
  2. In addition to a daily regular chow, monkeys in the four groups were fed excess sugar and fat described above at a dose of 5 ml/kg of body weight six days per week