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Fig. 2

From: High-density lipoprotein cholesterol for the prediction of mortality in cirrhosis with portal vein thrombosis: a retrospective study

Fig. 2

Receiver operating curves of HDL-C, CTP score and MELD score. Legends of Fig. 2 The ROC of HDL-C in the figure was logarithmic transformed. The AUROC curve shows the ability of HDL-C, CTP score and MELD score in predicting mortality for cirrhotic PVT. The AUROC of HDL-C was 0.744 (95%CI 0.609–0.879); The AUROC of CTP score was 0.743 (95%CI 0.597–0.890); The AUROC of MELD score was 0.855 (95%CI 0.778–0.932). The results indicated that HDL-C, CTP score and MELD score had satisfactory performance in predicting mortality of cirrhotic PVT

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