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Table 4 Contributions of each covariate in sex difference in incident stroke among hypertensive populations (multiple variable analysis)

From: Sex difference in the incidence of stroke and its corresponding influence factors: results from a follow-up 8.4 years of rural China hypertensive prospective cohort study

Independent variables in Cox proportional hazard modelsHR of sex (95% CI)Percentage of sex difference accounted
All stroke
 Sex (base model)0.55 (0.46–0.66) 
 Variables in above model+Age0.58 (0.49–0.70)6.67%
 Variables in above model+SBP0.52 (0.43–0.62)−6.67%
 Variables in above model+BMI0.52 (0.44–0.62)−6.67%
 Variables in above model+Baseline LDL-C0.50 (0.42–0.60)−11.11%
 Variables in above model+Smoking0.52 (0.43–0.63)−6.67%
 Variables in above model+Drinking0.49 (0.39–0.60)−13.33%
 Variables in above model+Antihypertensive drugs0.48 (0.39–0.59)−15.56%
 Variables in above model+Education degree0.44 (0.35–0.55)−24.44%
 Variables in above model+Physical activity0.44 (0.35–0.55)−24.44%
Ischemic stroke
 Sex (base model)0.48 (0.38–0.61) 
 Variables in above model+Age0.51 (0.41–0.64)5.77%
 Variables in above model+SBP0.46 (0.37–0.58)−3.85%
 Variables in above model+BMI0.46 (0.36–0.58)− 3.85%
 Variables in above model+Baseline LDL-C0.43 (0.34–0.54)−9.62%
 Variables in above model+Smoking0.49 (0.38–0.63)1.92%
 Variables in above model+Drinking0.46 (0.35–0.60)−3.85%
 Variables in above model+Antihypertensive drugs0.45 (0.34–0.59)−5.77%
 Variables in above model+Education degree0.43 (0.32–0.56)−9.62%
 Variables in above model+Physical activity0.43 (0.32–0.57)−9.62%
Hemorrhagic stroke
 Sex (base model)0.64 (0.48–0.86) 
 Variables in above model+Age0.67 (0.50–0.89)8.33%
 Variables in above model+SBP0.57 (0.43–0.77)−19.44%
 Variables in above model+BMI0.58 (0.44–0.78)−16.67%
 Variables in above model+Baseline LDL-C0.59 (0.44–0.79)−13.89%
 Variables in above model+Smoking0.50 (0.36–0.69)−38.89%
 Variables in above model+Drinking0.48 (0.34–0.69)−44.44%
 Variables in above model+Antihypertensive drugs0.47 (0.33–0.67)−47.22%
 Variables in above model+Education degree0.41 (0.29–0.59)−63.89%
 Variables in above model+Physical activity0.41 (0.28–0.58)− 63.89%
  1. LDL-C: Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. BMI: Body mass index. SBP: Systolic blood pressure. HR: Hazards ratios. CI: Confidence intervals
  2. Education degree: Illiteracy and primary school, Junior high school and High school and above
  3. Physical activity: Low, Moderate and High