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Fig. 1

From: Pleiotropic association of LIPC variants with lipid and urinary 8-hydroxy deoxyguanosine levels in a Taiwanese population

Fig. 1

A three-variable mediation model in the males with TG levels as a mediator for the associations between the LIPC genotypes and HDL-C levels. Linear regression models were used to assess the following path associations, exemplified in (a). Relationships between (α) the LIPC genotype and TG levels, (β) the TG and HDL-C levels, (αβ + γ’) the LIPC genotypes and HDL-C levels, and (γ’) the LIPC genotypes and HDL-C levels after adjustment for the TG levels were shown. Each estimate along the path represented the unstandardized β coefficient from the regression model. The results indicated that the LIPC genotypes exhibited a stronger association with the HDL-C levels after adjustment for the TG levels. The direct effects (γ’) of the LIPC genotypes on the HDL-C levels (0.022) were greater than the total effects (αβ + γ’) (0.011), which had opposite signs to those of the mediation effects (αβ) (− 0.011), and suggested significant mediation (suppression) by the TG levels. All models were adjusted for age, BMI, and current smoking status. *P < 0.01. In addition, the other analyses (b and c) exhibited similar suppression effects. Suppression triangles obtained from the male subjects

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