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Table 3 Effects of linolenic acid in vitro and in vivo clinical trials

From: The impact of sea buckthorn oil fatty acids on human health

Disorder Study Possible mechanism of action References
Cardiovascular risk Human in vivo study Ability to form EPA and DHA
Reduction of plaque calcification
Maintenance of endothelial function
Reduction of blood pressure
Exhibition of antithrombotic, anti arrhythmic and anti-inflammatory effects
Rajaram (2004) [26]
Djoussé (2005) [27]
Zhao (2004) [10]
Takeuchi (2007)
Dry eye Human in vivo study Attenuation of the increase in tear film osmolarity and possible influence over the intensity of burning and redness symptoms Larmo (2010) [28]
Fracture risk Human in vivo study Important role in bone turnover and maintenance of bone formation Griel (2007) [29]
Rajaram (2014) [26]
García (2018) [30]