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Table 1 Signaling pathways affected by LDL in the development of breast cancer

From: Emerging roles of low-density lipoprotein in the development and treatment of breast cancer

Pathway and Actived Moleculars involved Process regulated Reference
PTEN-PIP3-AKT ERK Proliferation [10, 19, 20]
Akt Proliferation, Metastasis
DNAM1 CD226 Apoptosis [19, 21, 22]
Claudin7 Apoptosis, Metastasis
Ocludin Metastasis
Integrinβ8 Invasion, Metastasis
JNK NMT1 Growth, Metastasis [10, 63]
TNF-alpha Migration
Wnt LRP5/6 Proliferation [36, 37, 64, 65]
LRP1 Proliferation, Metastasis
SRFP Proliferation
MMP9 Proliferation, Metastasis
DKK Proliferation, Metastasis
Y705 Stat3 Growth, Transformation [32]
Rox miR-21 Growth [66]