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Table 3 Primers used for qRT-PCR assessment of gene expressions

From: Up-regulation of 15-lipoxygenase enzymes and products in functional and non-functional pituitary adenomas

Gene Primers Primer sequence Tm
15-lox-1 Forward Reverse 5′ –CAC AGA GAT CCA GTT GCA GA −3 5′- GGC AAG GAG ACA GAA CTC AA-3’ 58
15-lox-2 Forward Reverse 5′-GCC TTG AAC TTC TGA CCT CA- 3′ 5′-AGC ATC CAC TGA TTG GAC CT- 3’ 58
Beta-Actin Forward Reverse 5-GAT CTC CTT CTG CAT CCT GT-3′ 5′-TGG GCA TCC ACG AAA CTA C- 3’ 57