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Table 3 Correlation between Serum Triglyceride and Each Variable Using Simple Linear Regression Analysis (sex, age adjusted)

From: Potentially modifiable blood triglyceride levels by the control of conventional risk factors

VariablesCoefficient95% confidential interval
Fasting glucose (mg/dL)1.0940.8491.339
Total cholesterol (mg/dL)0.5490.4620.636
HDL cholesterol (mg/dL)−2.036−2.279−1.793
LDL cholesterol (mg/dL)0.1450.4030.250
Height (cm)0.551−0.0151.118
Weight (kg)2.2621.9402.585
Waist circumference (cm)2.9902.6303.370
Hip circumference (cm)2.6072.0723.143
Body mass index (BMI)6.8135.8537.774
Body fat (%)1.1970.8941.501
Dietary intake
 Total energy (kcal)0.003−0.0000.007
 Protein (g)0.060−0.0220.141
 Fat (g)0.032−0.0830.147
 Carbohydrate (g)0.023−0.0000.045
 Cholesterol (mg)−0.001− 0.0180.017
MET−0.000−0.001− 0.000
Alcohol consumption(g/week)0.0340.0180.049
Smoking (pack-year)0.106−0.2000.415