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Table 5 Factors Associated with Serum Triglyceride Level Using Multiple Linear Regression Analysis (considering random effect about the family)

From: Potentially modifiable blood triglyceride levels by the control of conventional risk factors

 EstimateStandard errorT valueP value
Sex (Male)*31.967.024.55<0.01
Sex (Female)0...
Dietary intake
 Total energy (kcal)−0.020.1−0.180.86
 Protein (g)0.490.441.120.26
 Fat (g)−0.410.89−0.460.65
 Carbohydrate (g)
 SSCholesterol (mg)−0.010.03−0.330.74
Physical Activity00−1.910.06
No drinking−16.648.71−1.910.06
Past drinker−12.18.73−1.390.17
Current drinker0...
Alcohol dependency (AUDIT)*0.970.452.16<0.05
Past smoker−0.18.15−0.010.99
Current smoker0...
Smoking (pack-year)0.30.420.70.48
  1. *p value <0.05