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Table 3 The associations of TG/HDL-C ratio with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality after excluding the patients with the lipid-lowering agents used

From: Triglyceride to high-density lipoprotein cholesterol ratio is associated with increased mortality in older patients on peritoneal dialysis

 Tertile 2Tertile 3
HR (95% CI)P valueHR (95% CI)P value
All-cause mortality
 Model 11.11(0.79–1.56)0.5471.59(1.13–2.23)0.007
 Model 21.29(0.86–1.94)0.2151.83(1.20–2.77)0.005
 Model 31.31(0.87–1.98)0.2011.72(1012–2.65)0.013
Cardiovascular mortality
 Model 11.20(0.74–1.94)0.4541.61(1.001–2.59)0.045
 Model 21.32 (0.74–2.35)0.3441.86(1.05–2.35)0.035
 Model 31.36(0.75–2.44)0.3081.85(1.02–3.6)0.043
  1. Model 1: adjusted for age, sex
  2. Model 2: model 1 adjusted for diabetes, history of CVD, hypertension, eGFR, BMI, Charlson comorbidity index
  3. Model 3: model 2 adjusted for white blood cells, hemoglobin, platelet, serum albumin, total cholesterol, uric acid
  4. The tertile 1 as the reference