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Table 2 Effects of ATGL deficiency in mice on glucose metabolism across various tissues compared to control littermates

From: The role of adipose triglyceride lipase in lipid and glucose homeostasis: lessons from transgenic mice

Tissue of Interest
Tissue-knockoutLiverWATBATHeartSkeletal muscle
GlobalaIncreased gluconeogenesis
Decreased fasting glycogen
Increased uptake
Increased glucose oxidation
Increased glucose oxidationDecreased glycolysisIncreased glucose oxidation
LiverbNo changeNo changeNo changeNo changeNo change
AdiposecIncreased gluconeogenesis
Decreased glycogen levels
Increased glucose uptakeIncreased glucose oxidationIncreased glucose oxidationIncreased glucose oxidation
BATdUnknownUnknownNo changeUnknownNo change
HearteUnknownUnknownUnknownDecreased glycolysisNo change
Skeletal musclefNo changeNo changeNo changeNo changeNo change
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