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Fig. 4

From: Deletion of the Mir-106b~ 25 MicroRNA cluster attenuates atherosclerosis in Apolipoprotein E knockout mice

Fig. 4

miR-106b~ 25 deletion effect on Th1/Th2 balance in mice fed a regular diet. a Relative expression of the miR-106b~ 25 cluster members determined by quantitative real-time PCR in spleen-derived lymphocytes subjected to Th1 (IL-12 20 ng/ml) or Th2 (IL-4 20 ng/ml) differentiation. The miR-106b~ 25 cluster members were significantly downregulated compared to undifferentiated control lymphocytes (*P < 0.05). b-c Relative expression of Th1 markers (b) or Th2 markers (c) determined by quantitative real-time PCR in spleen-derived lymphocytes isolated from miR-106b~ 25 wild-type or KO mice. Expression levels of all examined markers in the ApoE KO and double KO mice were not statistically different. d Percentage of CD4, CD8 and Treg cells (CD4posCD25highFOXP3pos) in peripheral blood cells isolated from ApoE KO or double KO mice aged 36 weeks, as determined by flow cytometry (n = 10 per group; **, p < 0.05). e Representative flow cytometry images of the Treg population from ApoE or double KO mice

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