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Fig. 2

From: CPT1a gene expression reverses the inflammatory and anti-phagocytic effect of 7-ketocholesterol in RAW264.7 macrophages

Fig. 2

7-Ketocholesterol impairs phagocytosis through CPT1a gene expression. RAW264.7 were incubated with 7-ketocholesterol at 10 μg/ml (7-KC10) for 24 h in the absence or presence of C75 pre-treatment at 10 μg/ml for 2 h (C75 + 7-KC10). (Control) cells were incubated with DMSO for 2 h before ethanol incubation for 24 h . (C75) cells were incubated with C75 at 10 μg/ml for 2 h before ethanol incubation for 24 h. a CPT1a mRNA expression determined by qPCR, presented as relative to controls

b Representative Oil Red O staining images, scale bar 20 μm. c Quantification of oil red by determining absorbance at 510 nm after elution with isopropanol. d Net phagocytosis of 55 μg/ml pHrodo Green E. coli bioparticles conjugate for 90 min measured by spectrofluorometer at excitation 485 nm and emission 530 nm. e Representative images of pHrodo uptake capture by fluorescence microscopy, scale bar 20 μm. Data are represented as means ±SEM of 4 independent experiments. * ≤ 0.05 versus Control; β ≤ 0.05 versus 7-KC 10.

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