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Table 3 Some characteristics of individuals according to FTO gene genotypes

From: Association of FTO common variant (rs9939609) with body fat in Turkish individuals

 AA Genotype (n:38)AT Genotype (n:85)TT Genotype (n:77)Total (n:200)χ2p
Those with chronic disease1231.62327.12127.35628.00.2940.863
Those with a family history of obesity2565.85160.02735.17135.513.8920.001
Those with menopause a623.11025.0720.62323.00.2020.904
Those who are taking medication1128.92225.91823.45125.50.4270.808
Those who are using nutritional supplements821.11214.11215.63216.00.9560.620
Alcohol consumer513.21214.11316.93015.003670.832
Physically inactive1539.53844.73950.69246.03.3820.496
Physical activity level low1539.53136.53039.07638.0
Physical activity level sufficient821.11615.8810.43216.0
  1. Chi-square test; p < 0.05
  2. an:100