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Table 1 Main characteristic of the included studies

From: Prognostic value of adiponectin level in patients with coronary artery disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Author/yearRegionStudy designPatients
(% male)
Mean age (years)Outcome definitionAdiponectin cutoffFollow-up (years)Outcome measures
HR or RR(95% CI)
Adjustment for variables
Pilz 2006 [7]GermanyPCAD; 2473 (75)64 ± 10Quartile 4 vs. 1; ≥14.77 vs. < 6.96 μg/ml5.45Total death:76;
2.04 (1.53–2.71);
CV death:95
2.14 (1.52–3.02)
Age, gender, BMI, metabolic syndrome/type 2 DM, hypertension, smoking, LDL-C, HDL-C, TG, CRP, fibrinogen, eGFR, homocysteine, and NT-pro-BNP
Shioji 2007 [8]JapanPAngina pectoris or acute MI; 184 (69.0)66.2 ± 9.5Death, re-infarction, revascularization, HF hospitalization, and CI> 4.5 vs. ≤ 4.5 μg/ml2.3MACE:78;
0.35 (0.14–0.90) a
Age, gender, BMI, fasting glucose, hemoglobin A1c, final reference diameter, DM, and medications
Piestrzeniewicz 2008 [9]PolandPSTEMI;77 (100)54.3 ± 6.8CV death, nonfatal MI, angina/HF hospitalization≥4.23 vs. < 4.23 μg/ml1.0MACE:9;
5.08 (1.11–23.2)
DM, multivessel disease, LVEF CRP, history of CV events, lipids, creatinine, eGFR, hypertension, LVEF, and Duke Prognostic Index score
Maiolino 2008 [12]ItalyPCAD; 712 (72.5)6.5 ± 10.1CV death, nonfatal MI, ACS, stroke, and
vascular surgery
> 6.38 vs. ≤ 6.38 μg/ml3.8CV death:45
1.37 (0.86–2.17)
1.00 (0.77–1.31)
Age, gender, LVEF, HD-C, LDL-C, BMI, creatinine, homocysteine, smoking, and TG
Huang 2010 [10]TaiwanPAMI; 102 (85)62 ± 11CV death, nonfatal MI, PCI/CABG, IS, rehospitalization≥6.46 vs. < 6.46 μg/ml3.6MACE:30;
1.22 (1.03–1.45)
Age, DM, hypertension, smoking, HDL-C, LDL-C, BMI and medication
Wilson 2011 [13]Multi-coumtriesPACS;3931 (78.4)48–70Death, MI, stroke, unstable angina, CHF, revascularization> 4.477 vs. ≤ 4.477 μg/ml2.0Total death:118;
1.57 (0.95–2.58);
1.20 (1.03–1.40)
Age, gender, race, ACS type, DM, smoking, TG, blood pressure, BMI, eGFR, treatment group, BNP, and CRP
Beatty 2012 [14]USAPStable CAD; 981 (81.5)66.7 ± 11.0MI, heart failure, or deathQuartile 4 vs. 1; > 35.6 vs. < 12.6 μg/ml7.1Total death:375;
1.77 (1.12–2.67);
1.43 (0.98–2.09)
Age, gender, race, DM, eGFR, beta-blocker, aspirin, statin, BMI, hemogloblin A1c, insulin, glucose, non-HDL-C, HDL-C, TG, LVEF, diastolic dysfunction, inducible ischemia, CRP, and NT-proBNP
Li 2012 [11]ChinaPCAD; 449 (68)65.5 ± 10.9Death, TVR, ACS, HF, and TIA/stroke≥5.0 vs. < 5.0 μg/ml1.6MACE:109;
0.41 (0.23–0.73) a
Age, gender, type 2 DM, hypertension, dyslipidemia, smoke, weight index, hsCRP, LVEF, creatinine clearance, TC, TG, HDL-C, LDL-C, fasting glucose, and coronary score
Lindberg 2012 [19]DenmarkPSTEMI;735 (73.9)63.0 ± 12.5Quartile 4 vs. 1–32.3Total death:99;
2.70 (1.30–5.6);
CV death:50
2.57 (1.46–4.50)
Age, gender, smoking, hypercholesterolemia, DM, hypertension, BMI, CRP, peak troponin I, eGFR, multivessel disease, LVEF, and left anterior descending lesion (for CV death)
Delhaye 2013 [20]FrancePStable angina, NSTE-ACS; 477 (83.6)62.5 ± 11Death, MI or strokeTertile 3 vs. 1–2; > 20.1 vs. ≤ 20.1 μg/ml3.7MACE:82;
2.16 (1.35–3.46)
Age, DM, BMI, prior CAD, LVEF, creatinine, LDL-C, HDL-C, BNP, hs-CRP, and multivessel disease
Hascoet 2013 [21]FrancePStable CAD; 715 (100)60.2 ± 8.0≥7.3 vs. < 7.3 μg/ml8.1Total death:148;
1.71 (1.16–2.52);
CV death:95
1.86 (1.11–3.13)
Age, smoking, waist, treatment for DM, GGT, apolipoprotein A1, resting heart rate, hsCRP, eGFR or history of kidney failure, BMI, fasting glucose, ankle–arm index, and case–control design
Pratesi 2016 [22]ItalyPStable CAD; 138 (82)59.4 ± 8.1> 13.2 vs. ≤13.2 ng/ml3.8Total death:26;
6.5 (2.40–17.7)
Age, gender, previous PTCA, AF, PAD, NYHA class, Index of Disease Severity score, LVEF, eGFR, hemoglobin
  1. Abbreviations: HR Hazard ratio, RR Risk ratio, CI Confidence intervals, P Prospective, CV Cardiovascular, MI Myocardial infarction; STEMI ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction, ACS Acute coronary syndrome, IS Ischemic stroke, CI Cerebral infarction, TIA Transient ischemic attack, LVEF Left ventricular ejection fraction, HF Heart failure, PAD Peripheral vascular disease, CAD Coronary artery disease, HF Heart failure, CHF Chronic heart failure, PCI Percutaneous coronary intervention, CABG Coronary artery bypass grafting, TVR Targeted vascular revascularization, NYHA New York Heart Association, AF Atrial fibrillation, BNP B-type natriuretic peptide, NT-pro-BNP N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, BMI Body mass index, eGFR Estimated glomerular filtration rate, LDL-C Low density lipoprotein cholesterol, HDL-C High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, TG Triglycerides, DM Diabetes mellitus, hsCRP High sensitive C-reactive protein
  2. aResults are calculated from the lowest versus the highest adiponectin level