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Table 2 Correlation of demographic, clinical, and biochemical parameters of participants

From: Leptin, resistin and visfatin as useful predictors of gestational diabetes mellitus

P value 00.7380.0240.0010.0170.0710.0090.4020.0240.023
BMIR 10.130b0.069−0.1120.0830.0910.1590.1360.1280.244a
P value  0.0210.420.1860.3320.2850.060.1080.1320.004
TGR  10.502a−0.1070.214a.957a0.120b0.115b.159a0.325a
P value   00.059000.0350.0430.0050
TCHOLR   1−.421a0.859a.664a0.320a0.325a0.219a0.667a
P value    000000.0090
HDLR    1−.440a−.366a−.229a−.257a−.287a−0.334a
P value     000.0070.0020.0010
LDLR     10.383a.310a.399a0.276a0.581a
P value      0000.0010
VLDLR      10.394a0.276a0.305a0.603a
P value       00.00100
LPR       10.608a.719a0.594a
P value        000
RESTNR        10.562a0.574a
P value         00
VISFR         10.515a
P value          0
GDMR          1
P value           
  1. TG Triglycerides, TCHOL Total cholesterol, HDL High density lipoprotein cholesterol, LDL Low density lipoprotein cholesterol, VLDL Very low density lipoprotein cholesterol, ADP Adiponectin, LP Leptin, RESTN Resistin, VISF Visfatin, GDM Gestational diabetes mellitus
  2. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (2-tailed)
  3. bCorrelation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed)