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Table 2 Summary of study quality evaluated by Cochrane risk of biases tool

From: Effect of atorvastatin treatment on circulating adiponectin: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Author (year)Sequence generationAllocation concealmentBlinding of participants and personnelBlinding of outcome assessmentIncomplete outcome dataSelective outcome reportingOther potential threatsTotal
Shetty 2004UnclearUnclearLowLowUnclearUnclearUnclear2
Koh 2005UnclearUnclearLowLowLowUnclearUnclear3
Chan 2008UnclearUnclearLowLowUnclearUnclearUnclear2
von Eynatten 2009UnclearUnclearHighHighLowUnclearUnclear1
van Hoek 2009–10 mgaUnclearUnclearHighHighLowUnclearUnclear1
van Hoek 2009–80 mgaUnclearUnclearLowLowLowUnclearUnclear3
Carnevale 2010LowLowHighLowLowUnclearUnclear4
Koh 2010–10 mgbUnclearLowLowLowLowUnclearUnclear4
Koh 2010–20 mgbUnclearLowLowLowLowUnclearUnclear4
Koh 2010–40 mgbUnclearLowLowLowLowUnclearUnclear4
Koh 2010–80 mgbUnclearLowLowLowLowUnclearUnclear4
Koh 2011UnclearUnclearHighHighLowUnclearUnclear1
El-Barbary 2011UnclearUnclearHighHighLowUnclearUnclear1
Buldak 2012UnclearUnclearHighHighLowUnclearUnclear1
  1. athe study by van Hoek et al. (2009) included two atorvastatin treatment arms with dosages of 10 and 80 mg/d respectively, and both the comparisons were included separately
  2. bthe study by Koh et al. (2010) included four atorvastatin treatment arms with dosages of 10, 20, 40, 80 mg/d respectively, and these comparisons were included separately