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Table 4 Associations between the GUCY1A3 rs1842896 and rs7692387 with LAA stroke

From: Associations between GUCY1A3 genetic polymorphisms and large artery atherosclerotic stroke risk in Chinese Han population: a case-control study

ModelCrude OR (95% CI)P-valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)Adjusted P-value
Dominant (TT + GT vs. GG)0.87 (0.49–1.55)0.6430.79 (0.34–1.83)0.586
Recessive (TT vs. GT + GG)1.48 (1.07–2.04)0.018*1.96 (1.22–3.17)0.006*
Additive (TT vs. GG)1.08 (0.59–1.95)0.8131.22 (0.51–2.93)0.656
Dominant (GG + GA vs. AA)0.91 (0.39–2.09)0.8191.48 (0.51–4.33)0.472
Recessive (GG vs. GA + AA)0.93 (0.67–1.30)0.6880.71 (0.43–1.17)0.177
Additive (GG vs. AA)0.89 (0.38–2.06)0.7821.28 (0.43–3.75)0.657
  1. Adjusted for age, gender, cigarette smoking, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, HbA1c, hypertension history, diabetes mellitus history, and coronary artery disease history
  2. The entries in boldface are statistically significant
  3. *P < 0.05