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Table 3 Serum biomarkers of liver function and oxidative stress in dairy cows with different body condition score (BCS)

From: Effects of body condition on the insulin resistance, lipid metabolism and oxidative stress of lactating dairy cows

GGT, U/L26.530.130.41.590.19
AST, U/L67.662.968.02.920.39
ALP, U/L52.348.551.22.700.61
Albumin, g/L30.9b31.5ab32.3a0.350.03
Bilirubin, μmol/L1.891.991.860.060.21
SOD, U/mL62.
GSH-Px, U/mL1631591698.20.64
PON, IU/L84181287548.30.59
Ceruloplasmin, U/L18.1b27.1a23.8ab2.110.02
Myeloperoxidase, U/L9.409.628.940.410.47
ROS, IU/mL134ab140a127b3.1< 0.01
MDA, nmol/mL7.406.607.130.420.41
  1. a-bMeans within same row with different superscripts differ (P < 0.05)
  2. 1Low: BCS ≤ 2.75 (n = 12); Medium: 3.0 ≤ BCS ≤ 3.5 (n = 15); BCS ≥ 3.75 (n = 15)
  3. 2GGT gamma-glutamyltranspeptidae; AST aspartate aminotransferase; ALP alkaline phosphatase; SOD superoxide dismutase; GSH-Px glutathione peroxidase; PON paraoxonase; ROS reactive oxygen species; MDA malondiadehyde