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Table 1 Diet administration schedule for each study group (DW – distilled water with no CCT suspension; CCT – standardized suspension containing 4% cholesterol, 1% cholic acid, and 0.5% 2-thiouracil; n-3 PUFA – oral gavage of a suspension containing fish oil from capsules, 50 mg/kg/day; the dose was reduced to 25 mg/kg/day in the CA2 group on days 29–42)

From: Improvement in serum lipids and liver morphology after supplementation of the diet with fish oil is more evident under regular feeding conditions than under high-fat or mixed diets in rats

Feeding cycle SD n3 HFD HFD + n3 CA1 CA2
days 1–14 DW n3 PUFA CCT CCT + n3 PUFA CCT + n3 PUFA CCT
days 15–28 DW n3 PUFA CCT CCT + n3 PUFA CCT CCT + n3 PUFA
days 29–42 DW n3 PUFA CCT CCT + n3 PUFA n3 PUFA n3 PUFA, half dose