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Table 6 Potential target gene prediction for differentially expressed lncRNAs

From: Microarray analysis of long non-coding RNA expression profiles in low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol disease

lncRNA mRNA Correlation P-value lncRNA mRNA
XR_429369.1 LOC101927780 0.9669 4.05165E-12 down down
ENST00000602325.1 PTGS1 0.9436 4.45907E-10 up up
TCONS_00008319 LOC101928223 0.9615 1.51796E-11 down down
uc.252- BNC2 0.9339 1.79422E-09 down down
ENST00000508021.1 SNCA 0.9732 6.16618E-13 up up
ENST00000564872.1 LOC388456 0.9681 2.9301E-12 down down
ENST00000558838.1 PCSK6 0.9894 0 up up
ENST00000575039.1 ITGB3 0.9517 1.14575E-10 up up
ENST00000584509.1 TBXA2R 0.9206 8.85915E-09 up up
ENST00000443574.1 HLA-DQB1 0.9378 1.05879E-09 up up