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Table 2 The characteristics of the three genetic variants used for haplotype located in the 19q13 loci

From: A minor allele of the haplotype located in the 19q13 loci is associated with a decreased risk of hyper-LDL-cholesterolemia, and a balanced diet and high protein intake can reduce the risk

SNP Position Mi Ma OR P value for OR MAF HWE_P Gene Location
rs7259620 45,407,788 A G 0.834 3.79E-19 0.284 0.737 APOE near-gene-5
rs403155 45,363,299 T C 0.789 3.30E-15 0.107 0.475 PVRL2 intron
rs157581 45,395,714 C T 0.911 2.64E-19 0.236 0.250 TOMM40 coding-synonymous
rs10406604 45,723,986 A G 0.917 8.58E-05 0.221 0.094 EXOC3L2 intron
rs3212986 45,912,736 A C 0.926 1.64E-04 0.266 0.976 CD3EAP missense
  1. APOE Apolipoprotein E, PVRL2 Poliovirus receptor-related 2 (nectin-2 and CD112), TOMM40 Translocase of outer mitochondrial membrane 40 homolog, EXOC3L2 Exocyst complex component 3 Like 2, CD3EAP CD3e molecule associated protein, CHR Chromosome, SNP Single nucleotide polymorphism, Mi Minor allele, Ma Major allele, OR Odds ratios (OR) for serum LDL concentration in the reference of the major allele; P value for OR adjusted for age, gender, residence area, body mass index, and energy intake, MAF Minor allele frequency, HWE_P P value for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium