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Table 3 C-statistics for discrimination ability of the various predictive model for composite adverse events in the total population

From: Prognostic impact of estimated remnant-like particle cholesterol in patients with differing glycometabolic status: an observational cohort study from China

  ROC curve analysis Category-free NRI IDI
AUC 95% CI P index P index P
Baseline modela 0.798 0.781–0.814 reference reference reference
+ estimated RLP-C 0.811 0.795–0.826 <  0.001 0.084 0.048 0.017 0.030
  1. Bold values indicate statistically significant associations
  2. ROC Receiver operating characteristics, AUC Area under the curve, CI Confidence interval, NRI Net reclassification improvement, IDI Integrated discrimination improvement, RLP-C Remnant-like particle cholesterol
  3. a Baseline model includes traditional risk factors: age, sex (female), smoking, hypertension, prior MI, prior PCI, eGFR, HbA1c, TC, HDL-C, LVEF, left main disease and multi-vessel disease