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Table 3 Polish recommendations for the treatment of lipid disorders in patients with COVID-19 [101]

From: COVID-19 and lipids. The role of lipid disorders and statin use in the prognosis of patients with SARS-CoV-2 infection

Recommendations Class Level
In patients with COVID-19, the treatment of elevated LDL cholesterol levels should be optimized as soon as possible, especially in people with high or very high cardiovascular risk, who should use the highest recommended doses of statins. IIa C
The initiation or intensification of lipid lowering therapy and its monitoring is also possible during the e-visit/e-advice. I C
Optimal control of CVD risk factors, including in particular achieving therapeutic targets for LDL-C, during a pandemic is of special importance due to the need to reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and death in patients with COVID-19, in conditions of limited availability of health resources. I C
In people with COVID-19, optimal statin treatment should be continued, also during hospitalization, as it may be associated with an improved prognosis. IIa B