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Table 1 The protein–protein interaction (PPI) network constructed by STRING database to explore the interactions of these LRGs

From: Identification of a novel lipid metabolism-related gene signature within the tumour immune microenvironment for breast cancer

node1 node2 node1_external_id node2_external_id combined_score
EP300 KLF4 ENSP00000263253 ENSP00000363804 0.999
EP300 KLF5 ENSP00000263253 ENSP00000366915 0.991
LPIN3 LPIN1 ENSP00000362354 ENSP00000397908 0.937
FABP2 FABP1 ENSP00000274024 ENSP00000295834 0.926
FABP4 EP300 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000263253 0.918
EP300 FABP7 ENSP00000263253 ENSP00000357429 0.907
EP300 FABP1 ENSP00000263253 ENSP00000295834 0.906
FABP4 FABP1 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000295834 0.897
FABP2 FABP6 ENSP00000274024 ENSP00000377549 0.876
LPIN2 LPIN3 ENSP00000261596 ENSP00000362354 0.858
FABP1 FABP3 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000362817 0.841
FABP4 FABP6 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000377549 0.831
LPIN2 LPIN1 ENSP00000261596 ENSP00000397908 0.815
FABP3 FABP6 ENSP00000362817 ENSP00000377549 0.808
FABP1 FABP5 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000297258 0.719
FABP4 LPIN3 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000362354 0.695
FABP4 FABP2 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000274024 0.695
FABP4 FABP5 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000297258 0.673
FABP4 FABP3 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000362817 0.667
FABP4 FABP7 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000357429 0.659
FABP4 FABP12 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000353650 0.657
FABP4 FABP9 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000368362 0.655
FABP12 FABP6 ENSP00000353650 ENSP00000377549 0.654
FABP9 FABP6 ENSP00000368362 ENSP00000377549 0.628
FABP1 FABP7 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000357429 0.607
FABP7 FABP6 ENSP00000357429 ENSP00000377549 0.588
FABP5 FABP6 ENSP00000297258 ENSP00000377549 0.584
FABP1 FABP9 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000368362 0.532
FABP3 LPIN1 ENSP00000362817 ENSP00000397908 0.517
FABP4 LPIN1 ENSP00000256104 ENSP00000397908 0.505
FABP1 LPIN3 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000362354 0.502
FABP1 LPIN1 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000397908 0.448
FABP1 FABP12 ENSP00000295834 ENSP00000353650 0.43