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Table 3 Genes having roles in apoptosis as targets of the differentially expressed miRNAs in response to PUFA treatment

From: MicroRNA profile of polyunsaturated fatty acid treated glioma cells reveal apoptosis-specific expression changes

miR-17 APP apoptosis miR-30c IL1A apoptosis miR-143 SMNDC1 apoptosis
  FASTK apoptosis   DDIT4 apoptosis   NGFR apoptosis
  EGLN3 apoptosis   SIRT1 apoptosis   KRAS apoptosis
  SGMS1 apoptosis   TP53INP1 apoptosis   COX2 apoptosis
  TP53INP1 apoptosis   IRS2 apoptosis   BBC3 apoptosis
  TNFRSF21 apoptosis   ITGB3 apoptosis   ITM2B apoptosis
miR-20b APP apoptosis miR-16 CADM1 apoptosis miR-22 DPF2 apoptosis
  EGLN3 apoptosis   BLC2 B cell proliferation   SIRT1 apoptosis
  E2F1 apoptosis   CADM1 cell adhesion   EP300 apoptosis
  FASTK apoptosis   PDCD4 cell aging   YARS apoptosis
miR-26a DAPK1 apoptosis miR-145 RTKN apoptosis miR-200a PDCD1 apoptosis
  PAK2 apoptosis   PDCD4 apoptosis   NLRP3 apoptosis
  BAG4 apoptosis   UBE22 apoptosis   SGMS1 apoptosis
  UBE4B apoptosis   IRS1 apoptosis   CTNNB1 apoptosis
  TP53INP1 apoptosis   RASSF5 apoptosis   NDUFS1 apoptosis
miR-29c BBC3 apoptosis miR-149 BBC3 apoptosis miR-206 BDNF anti-apoptosis
  SLK apoptosis   PDE1B apoptosis   API5 apoptosis
  AHR apoptosis   PHF17 apoptosis   ZMAT3 apoptosis
  TP53INP1 apoptosis   TNFRSF19 apoptosis   BAG4 apoptosis
  ELMO2 apoptosis miR-25 UBE22 apoptosis miR-34 SIRT1 apoptosis
  RYBP apoptosis   DYRK2 apoptosis   SGPP1 apoptosis
  PPARD apoptosis   SGPP1 apoptosis