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Table 2 Percent of fluorescent light - emitting particles in isolates from peripheral blood of a healthy subject in the post - fasting and in the post - prandial states.

From: Post - prandial rise of microvesicles in peripheral blood of healthy human donors

antibody type percent of fluorescent light - emitting particles
  post - fasting post - prandial
anti-CD42bPE+ and anti-CD31FITC+ 73% 70%
anti-CD235FITC+ 18% 15%
anti-CD31FITC+ and anti-CD42bPE- 6% 6%
anti-CD42bPE- and anti-CD31FITC- 21% 24%
background 4,5% 9%
  1. Antibodies interact with platelet (CD42b), erythrocyte (CD235) or platelet/endothelial (CD31) surface molecules: anti-CD31-FITC and anti-CD42-PE positive events correspond to platelet - derived MVs, anti-CD235-FITC positive events correspond to erythrocyte - derived MVs, anti-CD31-FITC positive and anti-CD42b-PE negative events correspond to endothelial - derived MVs and double negative events with respect to anti-CD42b-PE and anti-CD31-FITC correspond to unstained particles in isolates consisting of background, membranous structures for which staining was unsuccessful and sample - derived non - membranous structures.