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Figure 4

From: S1P, dihydro-S1P and C24:1-ceramide levels in the HDL-containing fraction of serum inversely correlate with occurrence of ischemic heart disease

Figure 4

DH-S1P enhances endothelial cell motility in an S1P1 dependent manner. EC monolayers were wounded with a burst of high electrical current as described previously [5] and the culture medium then supplemented with DH-S1P (1 μM) (A), or S1P (1 μM) (B) in the presence or absence of the S1P1 antagonist W146 (10 μM in DMSO vehicle). The migration of cells into the wounded areas was measured in real-time by electrical impedance. As a control in both experiments the medium was supplemented with delipidated BSA (Control) in PBS. Electrical impedance data are normalized to baseline following wounding. The data depicted are representative of two independent experiments and traces represent averages of two replicates per condition.

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