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Table 2 Sphingoid composition of konjac glucosylceramide

From: 4,8-Sphingadienine and 4-hydroxy-8-sphingenine activate ceramide production in the skin

Sphigoid base double bond composition(%)
t18:0 - 1.4
t18:1 C8-C9 40.2
d18:1 C8-C9 3.8
d18:1 C4-C5 0.6
d18:2 C4-C5,C8-C9 54.0
  1. Sphingoid bases are presented in abbreviated style. d18:0 has 2 hydroxyl groups and 18 carbons, without any double bonds, whereas t18:1 has 3 hydroxyl groups, and 18 carbons, with 1 double bond.