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Table 2 Body weight gain (g/week)) and feed conversion ratio of the broiler birds fed on extruded flaxseed on weekly basis

From: Impact of extruded flaxseed meal supplemented diet on growth performance, oxidative stability and quality of broiler meat and meat products

Study weeks Dietary treatment
  Control (C) (C) (C) (C)
   + + +
   5% EFM 10% EFM 15% EFM
Wk-1 94.0±3 (BWG) 1.71±0.04 (FCR) 94.3±2(BWG) 1.69±0.09(FCR) 93.7±4(BWG) 1.68±0.03(FCR) 92.7±5(BWG) 1.73±0.10(FCR)
Wk-2 332±11(BWG) 1.53±0.07(FCR) 315±14(BWG) 1.65±0.09(FCR) 302±21(BWG) 1.75±0.15(FCR) 289±27(BWG) 1.86±0.20(FCR)
Wk-3 644±20(BWG) 1.86±0.11(FCR) 631±20(BWG) 1.79±0.08(FCR) 600±39(BWG) 1.86±0.07(FCR) 560±14(BWG) 2.03±0.19(FCR)
Wk-4 1054±33(BWG) 1.83±0.15(FCR) 1018±30(BWG) 1.91±0.14(FCR) 977±45(BWG) 1.94±0.15(FCR) 926±38(BWG) 1.98±0.20(FCR)
Wk-5 1582±47(BWG) 1.81±0.24(FCR) 1542±41(BWG) 1.82±0.28(FCR) 1470±35(BWG) 1.90±0.24(FCR) 1408±33(BWG) 1.93±0.25(FCR)
Wk-6 2058±54(BWG) 2.31±0.30(FCR) 1989±45(BWG) 2.38±0.32(FCR) 1907±48(BWG) 2.41±0.29(FCR) 1824±42(BWG) 2.48±0.31(FCR)
Means±SD 960.61±28A(BWG) 1.84±0.15B(FCR) 931.56±25B(BWG) 1.88±0.16B(FCR) 891.61±32C(BWG) 1.93±0.15AB(FCR) 850.06±26D(BWG) 2.00±0.20A(FCR)