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Figure 2

From: Phytanic acid stimulates glucose uptake in a model of skeletal muscles, the primary porcine myotubes

Figure 2

Glucose uptake with or without PA as a function of 2-DOG incubation time. Glucose uptake was performed on differentiated myotubes that had been incubated with (a) 10 μM PA for different times and then treated with 2-DOG for 30 min, or (b) with (full circles) or without (open circles) 10 μM PA for 4 h and afterwards treated with 2-DOG for 5–60 min. Data are expressed as LSmean values of triplicate wells carried out in three separate experiments with cells isolated from a different pig each time. LSmeans with different letters (a-e) denote significantly different responses related to incubation times, while * denotes LSmeans with significantly different responses with or without PA; (P < 0.05).

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