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Table 1 Broiler feed supplementation

From: Wheat germ oil enrichment in broiler feed with α-lipoic acid to enhance the antioxidant potential and lipid stability of meat


Supplementation per kg feed

T 1


T 2

Wheat germ oil (200 mg natural α-tocopherol)

T 3

Synthetic α-tocopherol (200 mg)

T 4

α-Lipoic acid (150 mg)

T 5

α-Lipoic acid (150 mg) + Wheat germ oil (200 mg natural α-tocopherol)

T 6

α-Lipoic acid (150 mg) + Synthetic α-tocopherol (200 mg)

  1. Natural α-tocopherol was used from wheat germ oil. After the quantification α-tocopherol from wheat germ oil, the wheat germ oil was used as the natural source of α-tocopherol by competing natural α-tocopherol equivalent to syntheticα-tocopherol.