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Figure 3

From: Microarray analysis provides new insights into the function of apolipoprotein O in HepG2 cell line

Figure 3

Screening for an efficient lentiviral vector capable of silencing apoO expression. A. HeLa cells observed by fluorescence microscopy 3 days after infection (magnification, ×200). B. The relative levels of apoO mRNA transcripts were analyzed by qRT-PCR. Data shown are means ± S.E.M from three independent experiments. ** p < 0.001 vs. negative controls (NC). C. Effects of apoO silencing were measured using Western blot. NC: cells infected with negative control RNAi; LV1: cells infected with apoO-specific RNAi-1; LV2: cells infected with apoO-specific RNAi-2; LV3: cells infected with apoO-specific RNAi-3. β-actin served as a loading control. These experiments were performed three times, and the results of the densitometric analysis and one representative image are shown. ** p < 0.001 vs. negative control (NC).

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