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Table 1 Plasma FA composition (μg/mL) of rats fed different diets at different reproductive stages 1

From: Mammary inflammation around parturition appeared to be attenuated by consumption of fish oil rich in n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Item Group Day 0 of gestation Day 14 of gestation Day 3 postpartum Pooled SEM
C14:0 SO 30.69a 28.54ab 32.62a 13.69
FO 14.35b 18.22ab 21.11ab  
C16:0 SO 822.89a 738.64ab 948.69a 249.21
FO 432.50c 455.61bc 373.53c  
C18:0 SO 588.93a 526.74a 688.14a 152.56
FO 342.09b 311.58b 239.47b  
C20:0 SO 21.42a 10.30b 13.32ab 8.91
FO 6.33b 6.71b 4.17b  
SFA SO 1463.92a 1304.23a 1682.78a 412.54
FO 795.28b 792.12b 638.28b  
C16:1 SO 59.10a 47.62ab 57.58a 23.81
FO 42.06ab 42.55ab 20.74b  
C18:1n7 SO 27.86ab 23.04b 42.41a 14.47
FO 23.01b 20.98b 22.75b  
C18:1n9 SO 191.83 177.43 156.96 40.63
FO 198.23 203.30 162.35  
C20:1 SO 30.67ab 26.84abc 40.99a 15.54
FO 10.95cd 12.91bcd 5.41d  
MUFA SO 309.46 274.93 297.94 86.48
FO 274.25 279.74 211.26  
C18:3n3 SO 8.99abc 10.82ab 11.65a 1.84
FO 7.07bc 8.42abc 6.43c  
C20:5n3 SO 7.59b 5.32b 8.00b 22.64
FO 26.62b 87.73a 95.75a  
C22:6n3 SO 40.45b 37.53b 76.60b 36.39
FO 73.89b 63.54b 146.34a  
n-3 PUFA SO 64.84c 54.74c 96.25c 50.47
FO 107.58bc 159.69b 248.51a  
C18:2n6 SO 253.41a 230.13a 262.59a 45.26
FO 235.76a 163.29b 169.54b  
C20:4n6 SO 257.71b 233.28b 400.24a 87.69
FO 246.19b 116.03c 197.67bc  
n-6 PUFA SO 511.12b 463.41bc 662.83a 119.17
FO 481.95bc 279.31d 367.21cd  
TFA SO 2349.34ab 2097.31abc 2739.80a 557.06
FO 1704.65bc 1510.87c 1465.26c  
  1. 1 Values of a certain fatty acid assigned no common superscript letter differ significantly (P < 0.05).