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Archived Comments for: Maternal supplementation of diabetic mice with thymoquinone protects their offspring from abnormal obesity and diabetes by modulating their lipid profile and free radical production and restoring lymphocyte proliferation via PI3K/AKT signaling

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  1. Thymoquinone Toxicity


    9 January 2015

    I have two comments about this work:
    1) In the last portion of the discussion section of this published work, the authors reported measuring the maximum tolerated (MTD) dose for Thymoquinone in RATS and i quote: "We found that the maximum tolerated dose was 20 mg/kg in male and 15 mg/kg in female rodent (mice or rats ?), whereas for oral administration it was 150 mg/kg in both male and female rats(?)". I wonder about the relavence between this measured MTD values and the actual work done by the authors where MICE are used as an experimental model. Is there a mistake by the authors (typographical mistake) in reporting the MTD for RATS which it should be for MICE ?

    2) It seems that the authors (Badr et al, 2013) of the published article are not updated with the toxicity studies of Thymoquinone. Please refer to an article published in 2012; Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences regarding this matter.

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