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Table 1 Composition of freeze-dried powder of Spirulina platensis intake in our study

From: Effects of Spirulina platensis supplementation on lipid profile in HIV–infected antiretroviral naïve patients in Yaounde - Cameroon: a randomized trial study

Composition g/100 of dry mass (%) Energetic values (kilo calories)
Total Proteins (g) 61.81 258.36
Lipids (g) 16.06 144.54
Carbohydrates (g) 12.36 51.66
AHK (g) 9.77  
Dry mass 88.75  
Dietary fiber (g) 02.26  
Calcium (mg) 0.28  
Magnesium (mg) 0.93  
Potassium (mg) 14.40  
Na + (mg) 1.96  
Total Nitrogen 90.75  
Iron (mg) 21.98  
pH 7.81  
  1. The analysis of the freeze-dried spirulina powder sample obtained from the Institute of Medical and Medicinal Plants (IMMP) (Yaounde-Cameroon).