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Table 5 Cut-off points for four biomarkers associated with cardiovascular risk

From: A randomized clinical trial to determine the efficacy of manufacturers’ recommended doses of omega-3 fatty acids from different sources in facilitating cardiovascular disease risk reduction

Biomarker Risk condition Very high risk High risk Moderate risk Low risk
OmegaScore™ (EPA + DPA + DHA) Sudden death <4.3 4.3-5.1 5.1-6.1 >6.1
ω-3 Serum Equivalence Score Heart disease N/A <5.1 5.1-7.2 >7.2
EPA + DHA Serum Equivalence Score Fatal ischemic heart disease N/A <3.5 3.5-4.5 >4.5
ω-3 Red Blood Cell Equivalence Score Myocardial infarction N/A <5.2 5.2-8.0 >8.0