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Table 8 Per capsule and total daily dosage composition of four comparator products (CP)

From: A randomized clinical trial to determine the efficacy of manufacturers’ recommended doses of omega-3 fatty acids from different sources in facilitating cardiovascular disease risk reduction

TRT Product EPA & DHA per capsule* Tested values Label use: caps/day Daily dosage of EPA + DHA
rTG Nordic Naturals ProOmega® 325 mg EPA 329.6 mg EPA 2 EPA: 650 mg
Triglyceride 225 mg DHA 226.0 mg DHA DHA: 450 mg
EE Minami MorEPA® 756 mg EPA 774.2 mg EPA 1 EPA: 756 mg
Platinum Ethyl Ester 228 mg DHA 233.7 mg DHA DHA: 228 mg
PL Source Naturals ArcticPure® 75 mg EPA 78.0 mg EPA 2 EPA: 150 mg
Krill Oil Phospholipid 45 mg DHA. 46.7 mg DHA. DHA: 90 mg
TG New Chapter     
Wholemega® Salmon 90 mg EPA 96.4 mg EPA 2 EPA: 180 mg
Oil Triglyceride 110 mg DHA 109.5 mg DHA DHA: 220 mg
  1. *As listed on manufacturer’s label.