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Figure 3

From: Dietary supplementation with arachidonic acid increases arachidonic acid content in paw, but does not affect arthritis severity or prostaglandin E2 content in rat adjuvant-induced arthritis model

Figure 3

Time course of adjuvant-induced paw edema in ipsilateral (a) and contralateral hind paws (b). Rats were fed three types of ARA diet (ARA(L), ARA(M) or ARA(H)), DHA diet, or control diet (CON) from day 0. Adjuvant arthritis was induced by subcutaneous injection of adjuvant containing 0.05 mg of M. butyricum (ADV+) or without M. butyricum (ADV-) on day 29. Rats in the IM group were orally administered indomethacin (1mgkg−1) once a daily from day 29 to day 56. Data are means ± SD. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01 versus ADV+/CON diet group (n = 10 per group).

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