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Figure 1 | Lipids in Health and Disease

Figure 1

From: Low fasting low high-density lipoprotein and postprandial lipemia

Figure 1

Schematic representation of TG-AUC of all groups in relation to time. The highest AUC values were observed in low HDL and low HDL-A groups which are characterized by low fasting HDL levels and the highest fasting TG levels compared to the other groups. The lowest AUC values were found in matched-low HDL, matched-controls, low HDL-N and control groups. These are characterized by lower fasting TG levels but with variable fasting HDL levels, ranging from 30(9) to 55(20) mg/dl. This means that the primary determinant of the magnitude of TG postprandial response is the fasting TG concentration. TG-AUC: triglyceride-area under the curve Low HDL-A: low HDL-Abnormal group Low HDL-N: low HDL-Normal group

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